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Max Zaslavskiy to launch Diamond Reserve Club with membership token hedged by physical diamonds

The first in history Initial Membership Offering (IMO) is underway

SAN JUAN, PR, PUERTO RICO, September 8, 2017 / -- If the Holy Scriptures have taught us anything at all, it’s that everything happens for the first time and for a reason. The SEC ruling on July 25, 2017 gave us the reason. And today, for the first time since the world’s discovered blockchain technology form an obscure 2009 paper, Max Zaslavsky premiers Initial Membership Offering - a brand new instrument of facilitating tokenized membership in a digital community or a club. The membership that’s on offer is a chance to join the Diamond Reserve Club - a private business club with membership tokenized through the blockchain-based Diamond Reserve Coin (DRC) - also a brand new proprietary cryptocurrency designed for a broad range of financial transactions mainly focusing on operations with precious stones worldwide.

The Club will allow you, the Member, to use your coin as a means of payment within the Club’s huge ecosystem that offers virtually any good or service, whether you want to find a right roommate or a right diamond. Your children (and grandchildren, may you have plenty of those) may inherit DRC, you may use your digital wallet for anything on the Diamond Reserve Club’s blockchain, be it a smart contract or a stamp exchange between two buddies or, should you wish it, you may cash out. The token is hedged by physical diamonds, so you’re guaranteed to be in the green.

By definition, becoming a member in the Diamond Reserve Club should be natural for anyone involved in business, particularly in the precious stone market. Relying on the first asset in the history of men that invariably held its value high enough to earn the moniker “precious”, members may now concentrate their efforts on promoting their businesses inside the Club’s extensive four-level ecosystem.

We define “ecosystem” as a self-sustaining community of businesses coexisting in conjunction in a tokenized digital environment, interacting as a system. The Diamond Reserve Club’s ecosystem is defined by the network of interactions among members in tokenized digital environment, therefore it’s unlimited in physical space and zones of influence.

The four levels of the DIamond Reserve Club’s ecosystem are:

Wholly-owned by the Diamond Reserve Club subsidiary projects on the Club’s blockchain;

Affiliate partners;

Businesses and charitable organizations that share our message to the world;

Businesses ready to present the Diamond Reserve Club members with discounted goods and services regardless of the said businesses’ relationship with the Club;

We invite you to take full advantage of the DRC groups and boards on social networks numbering hundreds of thousands of trusted and active subscribers. Or, if your creative ideas need molding, the 101Lego Creative Holding with its 18 online platforms and stellar staff of top notch professionals is ready to accommodate any Club member. Anything else? We bet, we have it!

It’s rather moot to continue listing obvious advantages of belonging to a private club as a member. Being a part of an elite select group of individuals always meant first and foremost the right of access. Looking at just about any membership-based club, we can discern one distinctive pattern: be it a craggy college fraternity or the legendary Union Club, tracing its origins to 1836 when a number of leading New Yorkers, including ex-mayor Philip Hone, invited two hundred and fifty "gentlemen of social distinction" to join, the purpose behind every such formation is, at least on some level, to separate us from them, those who are from those who wish they'd be, those in the know from those on the need to know basis.

Today’s private clubs such as DRC continue to play an essential role in business and social life of the world. Where some captains of industry might bond over the back nine at country clubs, the real movers and shakers meet for lunches at Annabel’s in London to enjoy the very best in food, entertainment, and general atmosphere provided to the Mayfair elite since 1963. Or have dinner at the uber exclusive Hong Kong’s Kee Club where no luxury is spared for salon interiors (furniture includes the original Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair) and exclusive events are hosted by the likes of Mick Jagger and Gwyneth Paltrow. The sporting types hit the Montana slopes on the property of the legendary Yellowstone Club rumored to include Bill Gates and Peter Chernin.

By utilizing the blockchain technology and using the Diamond Reserve Club tokenized membership as an instrument, you too are finally able to reach the Holy Grail of the 21st century entrepreneur: with the help of the diamond-hedged DRC cryptocurrency you can safely attend to your business and personal goals while being a part of a closely knit ecosystem of likeminded individuals and organizations. And since the blockchain technology is here to stay as an instantly verifiable and secure public record information that can be quickly and easily accessed, the creation of the Diamond Reserve Club may be the most exciting part of the precious stone industry to date.

In short, the good life is something you’re entitled to, something you deserve, and something to be ready for. Granted, you must really crave it but the Diamond Reserve Club is here to start you and your business off on the right track. We make use of the most advanced digital instruments on the vast network of the DRC token holders. We spread the word via social media and loudly let the world know about a new business, new opportunity, and new technology. We consult. We advise. We assist. We accommodate those who appreciate the a-list accommodations. For the Diamond Reserve Club members, the world is certainly their oyster.

The Diamond Reserve Club’s initial membership offering (IMO) stage is scheduled to start on October 7, 2017. In the meantime everyone is welcome to visit get acquainted with the DRC token and and participate in the presale at a discount. Note that the volume of discounted tokens is limited.

For any details on DRC, purchasing information and general questions regarding cryptocurrency issues please contact

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